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Enjoy your Wisdom Years

Yoga Class

Strength, stamina, being grounded and tuned in to one's own energetic field, this is resilience, radiance, and renewal. This is the practice.

This is Golden Age Yoga.

Golden Age Yoga was founded by long-time yoga practitioner and teacher,

L'Aura Reneau.

Inspired by her own journey through life, L'Aura has developed a heart-centered approach that compassionately integrates the understanding of a mature body with a joyous appreciation for all the cycles of life.

Whatever your age, you are welcome here.

Founder & Yoga Teacher

L’Aura has been practicing yoga since the 90’s and teaching since 2010. She seeks to inspire, encourage, and support all who desire a yoga practice, especially those in their Wisdom Years, to move, strengthen and increase mobility and flexibility in a safe and nurturing environment.

An elder herself, she has been down numerous roads in her life, each of which have brought her full circle to her own Inner Guidance, that sparkling and Intuitive state where the truth of what is brings peace. She is deeply aware of the intrinsic value and transformative power of incorporating yoga into her own life and yearns to share the many gifts that unite to form a practice ~ a deeper relationship with breath, a sense of humor, self-forgiveness, gratitude for each moment and a conscious approach to living a life you love, on and off the mat. She believes the body is our temple, each asana, an opportunity and an offering.

Meet L'Aura Reneau


What makes Golden Age Yoga different?

Golden Age Yoga is perfect for those in their Wisdom Years. Taught by an elder who understands the complexities and nuances specific to these years, L'Aura brings compassion and her own wisdom to each practice.


Golden Age Yoga offers yoga classes that focus on breath, alignment and, most of all, compassionate guidance through each asana. Each class provides very specific instruction, a depth of awareness of biomechanical alignment, and an appreciation for each body and the joyous freedom available as one practices, no matter the age. 

Yoga props are welcome and most often used in classes to assist all bodies to optimize their individual potential to find ease and the ability to engage in the practice of yoga.

At the end of each session there is an opportunity to enjoy the sacred act of gathering together with other practitioners as well as your teacher in this Loving Sangha, our CommUnity.

Golden Age Yoga brings forth the qualities of

 Resilience, Radiance, and Renewal.

L'Aura's belief is that when these three qualities are present one will enjoy vibrant well-being in body, mind and heart.



Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties and challenges as they occur in our lives; to be able to adapt well and bounce back with ease during times of psychological, emotional, and physical stress. Through yoga, we develop resilience as we deepen our senses and understanding of ourselves. By learning to know oneself, psychologically, emotionally, and physically we can more easily identify challenges and stresses as they arise, and overcome them.

Your Body ~ Your Laboratory

We each live in our own laboratory ~ our bodies teach us. No matter our age, most of us have had physical, psychological, or emotional issues throughout our lives. These experiences and their impact on our body and mind are exactly what have motivated us to practice yoga and engage with an approach that integrates the understanding of a more mature body with the purpose of attaining strength, flexibility and mobility as well as ease of mind and a happy heart.