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Golden Age Yoga was founded by long-time yoga practitioner and teacher, L'Aura Reneau.

Inspired by her own journey through life, L'Aura has developed a heart-centered approach that compassionately integrates the understanding of a mature body with a joyous appreciation for all the cycles of life

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Why Golden Age Yoga?

Golden Age Yoga offers several hour-and-a-half yoga classes each week that bring focus to breath and awareness, alignment and detailed guidance while moving through each asana.


L'Aura provides careful instruction, a depth of understanding of biomechanical alignment principles as well as a recognition of the relationship of breath with a body in motion in her heart-centered approach. Whether you're just starting out, or have been a long-time yogi, L'Aura can guide you through a deeper understanding of your own yoga practice.​ 

Golden Age Yoga is perfect for seniors, those in their wisdom years, as well as all those who are looking for a vibrant yet gentle approach to their yoga practice.

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"I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 50 years. I love going to L'Aura's class. She has great enthusiasm and wisdom about yoga. She is always studying, learning, and passing on helpful information about anatomy and bio-mechanics. The thing I like most is that she's very precise and detailed in her instructions. It allows me to fine-tune each pose for the maximum benefit. She is perhaps the most precise teacher that I've ever experienced. I imagine this is beneficial for most students, and particularly for seniors who are looking to optimize their experience in the class."

G. Khalsa

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Motivated by her intention to share yoga by teaching with excellence and compassion, L’Aura is continually increasing her knowledge by seeking more education. 

If you are moved to contribute to her educational fund, she gratefully accepts your donation with a reverent heart.

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