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Monthly Plans

  • Best Value

    The Resilient Yogi

    Every month
    Perfect for yogis looking to deepen their practice
     14 day free trial
    • Unlimited Yoga Classes per month
    • Unlimited Access to our virtual On-Demand Class Library
    • Free Admission to all pop-up events
  • The Radiant Yogi

    Every month
    Get access to Golden Age Yoga evening classes only
    • Unlimited access to all evening classes per month
  • The Inspired Yogi

    Every month
    Perfect for those who want to practice on their own time
     14 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to our On-Demand Class Library ~ anytime!
    • Enjoy our ever growing library of recorded live classes

Monthly Plan will auto-renew and automatically bill each month until cancelled by the Monthly Plan holder.

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What People Say

I am so grateful and do often recommend L'Aura’s classes to others. I love them and attend whenever my schedule allows. I’m doing so much physical work, I knew I needed a yoga practice or I was going to find myself in pain, and has it been a blessing! Fun and no pain at all! Thanks L'Aura for applying your knowledge in this way. It’s awesome and greatly appreciated!

— Carla Y.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Golden Age Yoga Classes in person?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Golden Age Yoga classes are being held on Zoom for the foreseeable future.

How do Monthly Plans work?

Both Monthly Plans are paid on a monthly basis. As a Resilient Yogi Plan Holder, you will be able to gain access an unlimited amount of LIVE morning and evening yoga classes per month as well as FREE access to all Golden Age Yoga On-Demand Video Classes and FREE access to all Pop-Up Events. As a Radiant Yogi Plan Holder, you will gain access to all evening Golden Age Yoga Classes (e.g. Nidra Nights ~ Yoga Nidra Class and Relax & Renew ~ Restorative Yoga Class) every month.

Can I transfer my Monthly Plan to another person?

All Golden Age Yoga Monthly Plans are non-transferable.

How do I gain access to classes with a Monthly Plan?

Once you purchase your Monthly Plan, you will receive an email with the below instructions on how to access your classes. For The Resilient Yogi Plan Holder: 1. Please log-in to your account on our site 2. Go to our "Blog" page and visit the " Resilient Yogi Class Access" category 3. View the Monthly Blog post for this month & access your Zoom link & Password For The Radiant Yogi Plan Holder: 1. Please log-in to your account on our site 2. Go to our "Blog" page and visit the " Radiant Yogi Class Access" category 3. View the Blog post for this month & access your Zoom link & Password

Can I cancel my Monthly Plan?

Yes! You can cancel your Monthly Plan through your site account. If you have purchased a Monthly Plan, but have yet to sign up and create an account on our site, we recommend you do so. To create an account, click here. Be sure to use the same email and information you used to purcahse your Monthly Plan. Once you have a site account, log in, click on your profile icon to view the Site Member Menu, and click My Membership. Here, you can click on your active membership and select "Cancel Membership".

Who is the yoga teacher for Golden Age Yoga Classes?

All Golden Age Yoga classes are led by founder and yoga teacher L'Aura Reneau. To learn more about L'Aura, please check out the About page.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes! We offer a FREE 14-day trial of our Resilient Yogi Plan only.

I'm experiencing some financial difficulties, but I would love to still practice with Golden Age Yoga. What can I do?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us for a scholarship.

I have a Monthly Plan, but I'm confused about becoming a site member. Do I need to have both?

In order to easily manage your Monthly Plan, we recommend also becoming a member of our site and creating a site account with the same information you used to purchase your Monthly Plan. By becoming a site member, you will be able to easily manage, change and even cancel your Monthy Plan as well as access our Member Forum where you can discover, follow and engage with other members of our Golden Age commUnity. To become a member of our site, click here.

Can I purchase one class at a time?

Please contact us for further information.