Guide to Purchasing Yoga Props Online

Updated: May 1

A Yoga practice can easily be enhanced with the use of simple props to bring greater ease and accessibility to each individual. Here you will find many props that will do just that. From yoga mats to Tune Up balls, straps, blocks, and blankets too, I hope this guide brings ease in making your choices!

Yoga Mats

Looking for a good Yoga mat? Mats come in a variety of sizes, densities and prices. Your yoga mat is very much like a best friend and can last a lifetime. Two of my favorites are down below**

Let's start here:

The Hugger Mugger Tapas original 74" yoga mat

@ $39.95 was my first yoga mat and lasted many years. I changed mats when I realized I wanted to practice more, and I wanted to increase the padding under my knees. I got a lot of use out of my Hugger Mugger mat. It's very light weight, which makes it easy to travel with from home to...anywhere!

The eKO Manduka Yoga Mat Travel Superlite

@ $38,39 is a well priced light weight mat that will travel well since it folds up and can be stowed in your carry-on. I have a colleague that loves this mat.

The Manduka Pro Yoga mat

@ $120 is a thicker mat offering more padding for

sensitive knees, wrists and other boney parts.

It's by no means a light weight

mat but in my opinion, it's worth

the effort to carry.